Shelley Smallwood

In by Kaitlyn Cox

Shelley Smallwood

Patient Caller

Shelley started her journey into the medical field at Andrew Jackson High School Medical Magnet, Jacksonville, Florida, where she obtained her CNA license and home health aid experience. She went on to become a Radiologic Technologist, graduating from Keiser University.

Shelley was working in the urgent health care setting when COVID-19 struck. She was part of a team that tested hundreds of people a week for COVID. A year and a half of navigating the ever changing field of COVID, both educating patients and communicating with the health department, highlighted the need for quality, reputable medical research. When the opportunity to join the team at the East Coast Institute for Research presented itself, she seized it!

In her spare time, Shelley enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, and participating in the occasional 5K.