Cory Crain, BS, CCMA

In by Kaitlyn Cox

Cory Crain, BS, CCMA

Clinical Research Coordinator

Location: St. Augustine

Cory has his bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sports Physiology with a concentration in Human Performance. He completed two formal internships during his undergrad:  CRC in GI Research and Clinical Exercise Physiologist doing Orthopedic Rehabilitation. 


Cory has worked on academic, NIH, investigator-led, translational research and sponsor-led clinical trials dated back to 2019- Specialties in Musculoskeletal, GI, General Medicine, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular research. He has experience working in orthopedic rehabilitation- focused primarily on spinal rehab and working in the Bioenergetics Laboratory as a Research Clinical Exercise Physiologist working on translational research trials conducting VO2 Max tests, 12-Lead EKG, Biodex Testing, and other Musculoskeletal testing.  


In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, home projects, outdoors, and playing on Florida’s pro-am pool tours.