Location: Jacksonville- LaVilla (Downtown)

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Jacksonville, FL 32204

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This is a phase 2 study evaluating the efficacy and safety of a low and high dose of study LX9211 compared to placebo in patients with moderate to severe diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Location(s): Jacksonville- LaVilla (Downtown), Lake CIty, Macon

Condition: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

This is a Phase 2a study being done to evaluate the efficacy, safety, PK, and immunogenicity of multiple doses of MEDI3506 in adult subjects with DKD.

Location(s): Jacksonville- LaVilla (Downtown)


This study is being done to assess the efficacy and safety of tirzepatide compared to dulaglutide in patients with type 2 diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk.

Location(s): Jacksonville- LaVilla (Downtown), Macon

Condition: Diabetes, Heart Disease

A Double-blind Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial Assessing the Effects of Inclisiran on Clinical Outcomes Among People With Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

Location(s): Jacksonville (Headquarters), Jacksonville- LaVilla (Downtown), Lake CIty, Macon, St. Augustine

Condition: Cholesterol, Heart Disease