Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Study

Our ulcerative colitis clinical trial study provides access to the latest medicines and devices to patients that match the study criteria. If you are interested in participating in a clinical study, but you have a few questions, review the information below. If you would like to sign up, or if you have additional questions, please complete the form.
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Why Should I Join A Clinical Study?

You can make a positive impact on healthcare research and the medicines or devices developed could help many others. Perhaps you haven't seen results from standard treatments for an illness or condition. The benefits of your participation in a clinical study extend from you to your community.

No Cost
To You


No Insurance Required

Help Advance Medical Research

Possible Compensation


Who We Are

East Coast Institute for Research (ECIR) promotes the safe use of currently available treatments and the development of new medicines and devices. Through careful and thoughtful research, talented investigators, and our knowledgeable staff we are creating a health care revolution.

Bringing hope to the community by improving lifestyles
through access to cutting edge clinical research and healthcare

Who We Work With

We work with the finest pharmaceutical companies ensuring the highest quality medicine and treatment for our patients. Listed below are a few of the pharmaceutical companies that we work with for our clinical trials.

Have Questions?

Are clinical studies safe?

Our priority at ECIR is the safety of our patients and the efficacy of our studies. Our experienced staff and precautionary oversight guarantee the highest level of safety.

Do I need health insurance?

You are not required to have health insurance to participate in a clinical study. Your tests, visits, and procedures are free.

Do you share my information?

We never sell or share your personal information and all records are kept completely confidential.

How many visits will be required?

Each study varies in length but on average a study can last for several months and require as few as 5-20 visits.

Do I have to pay for it?

No. If you decide to participate in an ECIR clinical study all tests, visits, and procedures are no cost to you. Some studies even provide compensation for your time and travel.

What should I bring to my first visit?

Bring an current medications, your doctor's contact information, and your medical records.

What if I already have a doctor?

It is important to understand your current health condition when participating in a clinical study. With your permission, information will be shared with your doctor.

Do I qualify to participate in a clinical study?

The requirements for each study will vary. Please review the details of the study you are interested to see if you qualify.

What To Expect

Once you decide to participate in an ECIR clinical trial you can expect to be taken care of through every step of the process by our friendly and experienced staff at one of our modern facilities located throughout Northeast Florida and Georgia.

1 Screening

The first step will be to conduct your initial screening to see if you qualify for one of our current clinical studies.

2 Consent

If you qualify for a clinical study you may provide consent for ECIR to perform the trial.

3 Evaluation

An in-depth evaluation of your health condition will be performed by our physicians.

4 Selection

The results from your screening and evaluation will be processed to determine if you are a valid candidate for the study.

5 Participation

Once selected, you will be provided a schedule of visits for tests and procedures.

6 Follow-Up

Once finished with the clinical study several follow-up visits will be scheduled to reevaluate your health.

Current Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trials

Review the Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trials currently available at ECIR. Please review the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the trials you are interested in to see if you qualify to participate. If you are unsure, you may complete the trials form below and one of our staff will help you through the process.

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